Boliche Mechado  (eye round steak stuffed with chorizo, carrots and bacon)

Fricassee de Pollo  (chicken, potatoes and carrots in a Caribbean-infused sauce)

Picadillo  (fine ground sirloin with onions, potatoes, Spanish olives, raisins and tomatoes)

Bistec de Palomilla  (marinated sirloin grilled and topped with onions)

Bistec Empanizado  (breaded sirloin pan-fried)

Bistec de Pollo  (marinated chicken breast grilled and topped with onions)

Pollo Empanizado  (breaded chicken breast pan-fried)

Arroz con Pollo  (yellow rice cooked with chicken and Cuban spices served with yuca or plantains)

Lechon Asado (slow roasted pork in garlic and onions)